WH – Czech Up vol 29

Czech Up vol 29

Leo Lombar, Jan Nurad, Gerasim Spartak, Filip Fialka, Ethan Wilder, Honza Bilek
Jan Nurad is doing the army Czech Ups today and Leo Lombar is due for his. Leo comes into Jan’s office and looks so hot in his uniform. Jan tells him to strip to his waist so he can check his chest. He uses his stethoscope to listen to Leo’s sexy chest and his abdomen. Then he feels Leo’s sides with his hands before turning him around to listen to the back of the body too. He feels the lower back too. Then he tells Leo to remove his pants. Dr. Gerasim Spartak has a new patient, Filip Fialka. It seems that Filip has injured his groin in a soccer match. He opens his jeans so that Gerasim can exam him a little. Then Filip continues to strip down to his underwear. He lies on the table and Gerasim begins the feel his thighs. Gerasim massages the thighs as Filip’s underwear seems to bulge. His cock is hard as Gerasim reaches to the underwear as he massages. Seeing the hard cock Gerasim takes hold of it an wanks it a little. Honza Bilek has to visit Dr. Ivanek Ukara for his driving license check up. First he has to answer a few questions then the doctor starts to check him over. Feeling his neck and checking his eyes goes well enough. Then Honza removes his tee shirt to have his chest listened to with the stethoscope. He then turns around and has his back checked too. Next he removes his pants and Ivanek feels his abdomen and his groin, letting his hands slip into the underwear. Reaching between Honza’s legs, he checks inside the thighs too. He seems very interested in the bulge created as he adjusts Honza’s underwear and soon pulls them down.

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