Stopover in Bonds Corner (TitanMen) muscle, hairy,daddy

What is waiting to burn off from the California desert? To enable a buddy. A trainer who Crosses the line. Feel the warmth during a Stopover at Bonds Corner, at which Legendary director Joe Gage proceeds his blue collar chronicle together with TitanMen exclusives David Anthony along with Dallas Steele. Hitchhiker Dallas At his store, at which they both wind up carrying a long, tough journey. Distressed Pupil Luke Adams has ulterior reasons for showing up in Max Sargent’s Home, but the father is pleased to gratify the floor–and things both of His pockets. Coach David Anthony includes a parent seminar with daddy Bruce Beckham, whose kid is causing difficulty. The dad wants–and has–a Demonstration of his child’s bad behaviour. If Luke Adams arrives at David Anthony’s home, he sees his trainer and Dallas Steele stone Hard–both hung studs taking turns stuffing him in both ends.

David Anthony, Dallas Steele, Luke Adams, Bruce Beckham, Max Sargent, Mitch Vaughn



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