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The Other Side of Aspen VI
The Other Side of Aspen 6 was anticipated, with great reason. In the end, there’s perhaps no show that played a larger role in making Falcon Studios’ mythical standing than The Other Side of Aspen failed when it began 1979. Each quantity has brought us amazing moments featuring the top actors of its age, which one carries on this tradition with twenty five of the sexiest guys in award-winning manager Chris Ward at that the helm. The heritage of the show needs nothing short of cum-splashing excellence. Snowmobile riding is now Adam Killian and Falcon exclusive Tony Buff really difficult. On his knees, Adam deep-throats Tony, actually worshipping his balls and cock with loyalty. In reaction, Tony feasts on Adam’s curved penis. Subsequently Adam bends on the snowmobile and allows Adam taste his sweet hole, and then he loves it so much he must support Tony’s cock a few more. Tony blows a nutritious load on Adam’s chest. Seeing Adam cum has Tony so excited he pops ! Colby Keller is awaiting at the cottage if his boyfriend Heath Jordan, a Falcon exclusive, earnings out of shoveling snow. Collectively they ward off Heath’s winter teeming with fervent kisses. As they stripHeath can not get grip of Colby’s stunning dick quickly enough, since he clearly loves it. (Who can blame him? Thus would we.) Colby fucks Heath’s handsome face and objects get cluttered, with plenty of saliva. Heath gets his small ass plundered in a number of places – if he fucks back from Colby in position doggy, you could tell by their own groans it seems as good as it seems. Subsequently the furry cub climbs , facing Colby so that we get a great appearance at his streamlined chest as he pushes himself up and down Colby’s rotating shaft. Tugging at his very own uncontrolled dick with assistance from Colby, impaled on his boyfriend’s penis, Heath shoots copious spurts of cum. Shortly Colby creates great gobs of the gooey stuff too. Heath and Colby are away to Palm Springs on holiday while their slutty pal Landon Conrad (a different Falcon exclusive) house-sits… what a way to select up men! He and Cameron Adams come indoors from ski, strip nude, and return into a indoor fun. Cameron paths down his tongue Landon’s sculpted torso, and from now Cameron gets his mouth wrapped round Landon’s penis, Landon is all set, but , he returns the oral favor till they can not wait any more. From , Landon strolled his shaft up to Cameron’s buttocks because it will go. Cameron puts on his rear hence Landon can fuck much deeper. As they scale the summit of enjoyment collectively, Landon’s thrusts grow quicker and tougher. Finallyhe pulls out and they all douse each other in flows of lotion. At the next half of this film, Landon has several friends over to get a nonstop sexual celebration. The longer the sexier! Since the men arrive, the action builds into a crescendo which could not have been orchestrated. The suck and ass-eating alone can push one over the border, along with the sensual peaks these guys achieve are indicative of many amazing orgy scenes in Falcon throughout its 40 years. At a rest in the orgy, we visit shorter vignettes of alluring pairs sharing personal period: Adam Killian shirts Falcon exclusive muscle pig Angelo Marconi, superbly light stud Brandon Bangs fucks golden-skinned Nordic attractiveness Gavin Waters, Landon shirts the super-fine Shane Frost, along with tattooed kink god Tony Buff fucks Falcon exclusive Roman Heart, who is searching his godlike finest. Subsequently we rejoin the orgy in advance, in which things continue to be heavy and hot. Ultimately, after everybody’s cum was spent, most of the men run nude to the spa, where they ditch the snow out of the sides of the bathtub onto one another’s heads as they relax in the atmosphere. Stick around after the ending credits to get a Fantastic bonus scene by Colby and Angelo!” The Other Side of Aspen 6 )” introduces a new creation of porn lovers to the bliss of sex so hot it could melt the snow limiting the peaks of the renowned Aspen ski hotel. If you are long overdue for a return trip to this show, you will be pleased to know it is as sexy as ever!

Roman Heart, Landon Conrad, Gavin Waters, Brandon Bangs, Heath Jordan, Colby Keller    

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