Movies: ManPlay MP-028 – Tough Guys at TitanMen!

ManPlay MP-028 - Tough Guys
TOUGH GUYS starts with fresh worker Blu Kennedy paying his fracture in the john jacking off. The supervisor, big dad kind Mike Grant finds there and soon they’re holding one another’s cocks. Mike sucks Blu’s enormous bass and bone returns the favor Mike’s bigger one. Redhead Blu has shaved his pubic hair (no doubt to create his huge dick look even larger, but I am very turned on with a fervent pubic bush and had been disappointed to not find it undamaged ). Although it’s most likely not a part of the job condition, Blu bends around to your boss. The next picture is entitled”Good Cop, Bad Cop” however, it seems similar to hirsute Michael Soldier is a guess being interrogated by Officer Trent Cougar than they are both cops. (Trent is the only one to put on a badge, also.) Trent has a nice body and a wonderful cock and Michael does not just suck on the latter, but he makes love for it until Trent fucks him. From the scene that follows Rhet Hengst finds his landlord moving through his things and following a little wrestling about they get right down and dirty. Rhet has eliminated his pubic hair and is wearing a leather cockring so as to create his instrument look bigger. As far as I enjoy shaved pubes they look a trifle strange on these a butch man with 2 nipple rings. I’m not fond of background audio, however, the songs used this is undoubtedly one of the worst I’ve ever noticed. It was not possible to see this spectacle with the audio on. I had been going batty! For the last spectacle”Bukkake Garage” the manufacturers have produced the normal American blunder of believing that amount is a replacement for quality. Sam Dixon insists to Tom Lazzari obtaining a lot of men together so Sam will suck on their dicks. After a while, Tom assists Sam with all the fellatio. (Sam stays fully clothed for the whole scene)

Trent Cougar, Michael Soldier, Mike Grant, Rhet Hengst, Blu Kennedy, Dean Santiago

scrin_ManPlay MP-028 - Tough Guys


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