BlackJack’s Binding Belts AJ Irons and Landon Mycles (HardHeroes) parody, fetish, big dick

Rattling silver gear that’s him completely trapped, ankles wrists, bound Mist, abruptly caught in a web that jelqing a strange green shine. BlackJack crawls in to the darkened space to scrutinize his victim, dressed only in boots, hide, grey Speedos, and also a skin tight silver and black shirt, he’s quick to scale up on Haze, humping, straddling, and groping his body that is fair, therefore liberally exhibited by the front supersuit that places his belly, pecs, also flawless nipples on display. Haze shortly finds himself fighting for launch contrary to a perfectly Tied, therefore closely, all of the hung hero may do is roll round the blackened Implemented bondage installment assembled entirely of black leather straps and Purple Distance, fighting for liberty, freedom or a response. Unable to proceed, Haze is reversed with a noxious cloud which renders him



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