Yohann Banks (HardBritLads) muscle, solo, jerking

He is confident and relaxed, discussing the people he enjoys and how he keeps fit. Subsequently your solo begins. Yohann stands gropes himself until lifting his shirt and carrying off it. He’s got huge arms and a strong chest, big pecs and little hairy thighs. Yohann flexes his leg and plays along with his nipples. Then reaches the petroleum and then licks it liberally on his torso and abdomen, on his rugby thighs, then massaging it allin. His muscles appear bulge and big as he presents and flexes before becoming back into rubbing the growing bulge in his shorts. Yohann pulls his shorts down, leaving him only his white briefs and white game socks. His penis appears inflexible in his undies plus then he moans and grips it, making it nice and powerful until yanking his briefs down.

Yohann Banks



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