TM – Tough Guys – Michael Soldier & Trent Cougar

Tough Guys – Michael Soldier & Trent Cougar

Good Cop, Bad Cop Trent Cougar detains cock hound crime suspect Michael Soldier, force feeds him his dick and buttfucks him. Rugged Trent Cougar is questioning dark and handsome Michael Soldier in a police station. Michael intends to suck his way of jail and pulls Trent’s meaty cock through the zipper, fondles it, rubs it, smells it and slowly swallows it to the balls, slobbering on the hot cop cock. Trent strips to reveal his tight, smooth, massive chest, broad shoulders and erect nipples, which Michael pulls and twists, bringing out Trent’s loud moans of pleasure. Michael takes this as his cue that he’s on the right track, and turns up the heat, stripping down to show off his dark, hairy torso as Trent furiously face fucks him. Trent takes Michael’s hard cock down his throat while Michael squirms in ecstasy. Michael lies on a table, his muscular butt hanging over the edge and revealing his furry bull’s eye to Trent, who finger fucks, spit-lubes and mounts him like a stallion, sliding in with long deep strokes. Trent orders Michael to pop his load and Michael willingly complies, jerking a stream of spunk onto his lean six-pack. Trent pulls out of Michael’s vice grip of an ass and shoots a torrent of cum all over Michael’s sweaty body.

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