TM – Dust Devils – Dean Flynn & Jock Hudson

Dust Devils – Dean Flynn & Jock Hudson

While hiking through the great outdoors, shirtless Dean Flynn and Jock Hudson stop on the path to enjoy the view. But they’re quickly distracted with each other as the smooth-chested Dean plants his tongue on Jock’s pit. Dean rubs the hairy chest of his bearded bud, whose boner bursts beneath his jockstrap. Soon on his knees, Dean wastes no time working up glorious gobs of spit, planting his lips to the base as he deep throats Jock. Dean’s dick pulses in excitement as he sucks; he reaches up to rub Jock’s nipple as great side shots capture the action. Jock returns the favor as Dean whips his cock on the sucker’s eager mouth: "Stick your tongue out!" Jock deep throats with ease, his scruffy beard bristling against Dean’s balls as he licks them. Dean holds on to Jock’s head and face fucks him before the sucker returns the favor, the two soon firing their loads. After a kiss, Jock gets pinned down as Dean plows his hole. The bottom’s genuine smile gets even bigger as Dean grinds inside, with low shots capturing great penetration. Now on his back, Jock continues to get rammed — his hot bod caught in a great aerial shot. Dean coats the bottom’s hairy stomach before Jock lets out a memorable gusher, a kiss ending the scene.

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