Private Practice Josh Conners & Sean Maygers (HotHouse) muscle, tattoo

Interns Sean Maygers and Josh Conners would be the last two people in the practice after everybody has gone home at evening. They are both horny as hell and if they get from the scrubs, Josh is the first to opt for some dick. Josh takes great care to ensure that each and every inch has been serviced, and keeps up the job until he is prepared to carry it up his bum. Sean is careful to Josh’s wants and has on his knees to start up his co-worker’s shaved asshole with his tongue to make it much easier for him to shoot his broad penis. If Josh is bent over begging for cock, Sean eventually provides the hunk that which he desires and slides it deep within the sexy intern. Sean pounds off as Though It’s the final asshole he will ever dip, stretching Josh into the absolute constraints with every hammer from his swollen groin

Josh Conners , Sean Maygers



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