Pigs Alessio Romero and Shay Michaels Spit Piss and FlipFuck Drenched (LucasEntertainment) piss,muscle,tattoo

Along with being a couple of sex-crazed actors, these sexy guys can also be whores for flows and flows of hot homosexual piss! Alessio starts by commanding Shay, who’s on his knees sucking on the Latin pig away inbetween spurts of pee. Alessio is really to himself he sniffs their or her own arm pits while Shay services. Even the piggish porn-stars switch places and Alessio sucks Shay’s dick, milking it to the sexy gold liquid it is filled up with. Finally Alessio cannot restrain and then he starts hosing down Shay, that loves the gold liquid he has been showered with. Alessio could be the first to ever get fucked whilst the people get smart in puddles in their own pee! Alessio is really a rocky monster who loves using Shay’s dick banging and outside of him needing more and longer. They flipflop S O Shay can reveal Alessio what he is capable of carrying: the inventors fuck eachother whilst taking brief breaks to offend more. When most the pee has gone outside of these own systems, the one thing left to his or her dicks to spray would be these cum!

Alessio Romero , Shay Michaels



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