Jay Alexander & Ceasar Camaro Train Me (ExtraBigDicks) muscle,tattoo,latino

Caesar is a fighter and it has only finished his work out and can be back from the lockerroom. Jay walks and inquires Caesar when he’d be happy to instruct him. Caesar believes it really is a joke initially because, even though Jay has a fantastic body, he doesn’t seem to become the fighter kind. He informs him he’d need to get a huge Balls and a significant Cock when he would like to become trained. Jay reacts by saying he does possess a large penis and he catches it throughout his shorts showing it into Caesar. Caesar gets him pull it out as soon as he sees what size it really is he falls to his knees and starts sucking on it. Caesar chokes and gags around Jay’s big dick for some time after which Jay has Caesar bend and then he rims his bum. Jay fucks Caesar deep and long in afew places until Caesar can’t wait no more and he pulls onto himself. Jay subsequently pulls his huge dick from Caesar and blasts a massive load over Caesar’s ripped chest.Enjoy!

Jay Alexander , Ceasar Camaro



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