Hung for the Holidays Trent King & Leo Brooks (NextDoorEbony) black,big dick,muscle

Together with the major box of decorations broken out to this summer, Trent King is all set to liven up the house for the holiday season. 1 catch: it appears boyfriend Leo Brooks has been left to get a tree. Trent asks him where all of these ornaments will hang, and Leo undoes his robe, showing his long penis, already half-hard in the idea of fucking the day away. Trent is down using the app, and starts to disrobe too, as Leo starts sucking him off. Trent stinks Leo off and then stinks in expectation. Leo’s yule log is prepared and prepared for action, and he slides it to Trent from supporting as Trent grabs a hold of these sheets.

Trent King , Leo Brooks



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