Hidden Palms JJ Knight & Jake Ashford (FalconStudios) muscle,big dick

J j Knight is drifting at the pool if he sees hunky Jake Ashford walk . Jake heads to your outside shower and comprehending JJ is watchingthat he flaunts his muscled-up body and yells his incredible bubblebutt. After departing J-J in theaters, Jake heads up into the stud to provide his services up. Jake can not wait to find JJ’s big hard dick inside his mouth and JJ feels exactly like Jake’s tight hole. J j samples the products along with his finger since he receives mind out of the enthusiastic tatted hunk. J j is hard and all set to move and demands a taste of Jake’s buttocks until he slides. J j savors every piece of Jake’s buttocks, becoming his tongue as deep as he can in the begging and moaning stud.

JJ Knight , Jake Ashford



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