Edji Da Silva Stuffs Jonathan Agassi with Bananas Push It Out (LucasEntertainment) tattoo,toys,muscle

Jonathan Agassi is piss-soaked and chased suspended following sunset. His captor is Edji Da Silva, that releases Jonathan after he has completed pissing on himself during his shorts. Edji chooses Jonathan indoors, in which they both get much more packed together: their bodies are glistening inside fluid, which makes them two of their biggest sexual pigs ever found on Lucas Raunch. Jonathan sucks Edji’s dick and has his pit eaten out until the Arab shirt fucks Jonathan within his own filth, dangling him over and throwing him on his back, beating his pit quickly along with fury. However, the men take debauchery to a new level when they play with about with their nutrient demands: Edji takes a banana up into Jonathan’s buttocks and sodomizes him with it. The way that it remains together is anybody’s guess!

Edji Da Silva ,Jonathan Agassi



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