CM – Gregor & Jerome Serviced

Gregor & Jerome Serviced

While I was setting up the cameras and lighting, these two were already making-out. I dashed from camera to camera, then getting the AC turned-off, and they were still going at it. So, I just started running with it.

Jerome initially takes the lead, but as in his solo, Gregor just runs the show. Occasionally I could see Jerome moving him about or helping him open-up so we can see what they were doing, but Gregor remained VERY intent on sucking and being sucked by Jerome. He was oblivious to the cameras and was fully immersed into sucking-off Jerome.

The video ends with Jerome ramping-up to cum on Gregor’s face. Just as Jerome has finished letting lose, Gregor begins to cum. Despite his ‘post cum coma’, Jerome quickly dives down to lap up Gregor’s high-flying load!

Scorching hot blow-job action!

Video info: mp4 | 1920x1080px. | 12025 Kbps | 00:15:55 | 1.35 GB

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Gregor & Jerome Serviced.mp4

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Gregor & Jerome Serviced.mp4

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