Clips: Travis Fucks Kenny at CorbinFisher!

It is difficult to trust, however Travis and Kenny haven’t performed together! And with Travis carrying on a leading role nowadays, it feels like the ideal time to place these young studs collectively! Kenny, put back as always, is excited about playing Travis. And now Travis says he has always got sex in his head! I sit back and allow them to reach it! Travis yells Kenny passionately, whilst sensing Kenny’s sexy abs. Travis kisses and licks each muscle Kenny’s gut) Neither man can quit kissing, their bare chests slipping against each other since they lock lips. Travis pulls Kenny’s trousers and pops Kenny’s already-stiff buttocks) Kenny groans as Travis pushes his prick into the origin, licking the shaft and then squeezing it down his throat. Kenny goes Travis’ enormous cock, making it wet and ready for what is coming. Travis jerks their cocks together. Kenny kisses Travis’ shoulders and pecs. Travis smacks Kenny’s buttocks and dates back down Kenny’s dick. Pushing Kenny’s thighs above his mind Travis eats out Kenny’s hole) Travis licks Kenny’s balls temporarily before forcing his tongue deep Kenny’s buttocks.



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