Clips: Ryan Jordan & Elye Black at ActiveDuty!

Ryan Jordan & Elye Black
The soldiers walk into the area and are greeted with Dirk. They’ve a little dialog and Dirk permits them onto the loose. They do not waste any time since Elye Black begins sucking Ryan Jordan’s large hard penis immediately. Their clothing come off as fast as Dirk can’t think the quickness both of these soldiers have. Elye goes balls deep in his mouth Ryan’s throbbing penis as spit comes slipping down his huge hard penis. They go to a 69 place with perfect synchronicity and both of these have their mouths filled with dick. Elye needs to fuck Ryan’s bum so he’s his bed on the mattress and he gradually pushes his uncooked hard dick into his tight tight soldier ass till his balls break him up. Ryan yells with delight and soon enough Elye is thrusting into him fast and hard making certain he will feel every inch of his hard dick. Ryan enjoys how Elye’s penis feels however he wishes to control the pace Elye is located back on his spine along with Ryan gradually slides back on his hard dick legs spread wide so we are able to view all of the glory both have between their thighs. Ryan starts to use his buttocks as he thrusts up feeling Elye’s cock slide deep in him. Ryan can not shoot any longer of Elye’s large hard dick and he blasts a massive load all over the area because he’s still being fucked. Ryan slides from the dick in time as Elye shoots his load around Ryan’s chest)

Ryan Jordan , Elye Black

scrin_Ryan Jordan & Elye Black


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