Clips: My Sexy Trainer – Robbie Caruso & Dolf Dietrich at DylanLucas!

My Sexy Trainer - Robbie Caruso & Dolf Dietrich
Dolf Dietrich was coaching Robbie Caruso for weeks now and they’ve grown fond of one another. Robbie can not resist his impulse for his hot trainer no more and with a couple of hints and words, Robbie is down to his knees worshiping Dolf’s large hard cock. Dolf confront fucks Robbie because his balls smack against his brow. Robbie is currently in paradise as he’s guy treated by Dolf. Dolf utilizes the fitness center gear to his benefit and contains Robbie performing pull ups while he’s beneath him rimming that eloquent miniature ass. Robbie retains the pull ups moving as Dolf buries his head between his lips till he can not hold back no more and needs to fuck that tight little ass. Dolf bends Robbie around to the gear and also pushes his thick cock deep in him once he opens he fucks him hard. Dolf proceeds to fuck him finally moves him into the floor in which Robbie rides that large dick till he’s turned his back and also Dolf proceeds to fuck him till he pulls his throbbing penis out and shoots his load around Robbie’s torso ) Robbie shortly after blasts his own load all over this area. Enjoy!

Robbie Caruso , Dolf Dietrich

scrin_My Sexy Trainer - Robbie Caruso & Dolf Dietrich


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