Clips: Junior Peixoto BareBangs Tony Dias at BangBangBoys!

Junior Peixoto BareBangs Tony Dias
Junior Peixoto’s big dick is back and this time it’s one of our favorite man-whores Tony Dias who wants to ride the meaty pole. The girth of this cock is so impressive and Tony has hardly introduced himself and he’s chowing down on the thick dick. Of course we forget that Junior can also suck cock and Tony’s cock gets a glorious suck from Junior – all the time his monster cock dangling titillatingly between his legs. Junior lubes up Tony’s ass with an expert rimming and then Tony does the same – however his hole is no contest for how good that huge cock feels in his mouth and it’s shortly back down the back of his throat. The look of pain on Tony’s face as Junior enters his ass is real. It takes a lot for your hole to swallow that monster dick whole and as much as Tony wanted it – the reality is both thrilling and intense. But Junior isn’t taking it easy on Tony – he pounds that whole with no mercy – Tony crying out in pain and pleasure simultaneously. Tony ends up with a huge load of Junior’s cum all over his face. He ain’t going to be walking properly for a week – but damn it was worth it.

Junior Peixoto , Tony Dias

scrin_Junior Peixoto BareBangs Tony Dias


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