Clips: Cole & Calvin at SeanCody!

Cole & Calvin
Cole was quite open to the fact he enjoys to become “man managed!” So, it was not a surprise if Cole “submitted” immediately to Calvin. You can just tell when a man can not wait to set a massive dick in his mouth also Cole was no exception. The next Calvin pulled off his shorts, Cole appeared at him with a grin and moved down on his penis. Cole needed a little trouble taking it at initially however Calvin didn’t let up and left him shoot it. Then, Cole’s butt was ready for a fucking. Calvin slipped his dick to Cole’s hairy hole and didn’t let up. Calvin will inform that Cole certainly appreciated being man treated and also pulled out a few moves which I had not seen before! He railed in to him because he held down his head with his own foot! Cole took every inch Calvin’s penis and loved every second of it!

scrin_Cole & Calvin


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