Clips: Cannabis Consequences Angel Rivera & Jeff Sterne at SpankThis!

Cannabis Consequences  Angel Rivera & Jeff Sterne
Angel Rivera has it produced, he resides in a gorgeous house and can be treated just like a decoration boy but ONLY when he receives his everyday errands done! It is a fairly sweet deal to get its bronze beauty, however if Master Jeff Sterne comes to discover Rivera sucking on a bong with no among his houseboy responsibilities done, dad decides to instruct that the twink a lesson. Sterne overlooks the dude, dangling him functioning the boy bubble ass with a broad wooden paddle prior to pantsing the child to respect his thick handed job. Rivera’s plump rump is mature, tender and glowing red. Jeff yanks Angel’s red undies upward into Rivera’s reddish crack showing his cherry cheeked buttocks. The pulsating punishing lasts as Sterne busts out a belt and does not let up, shifting between the booty rocking belt, his favourite fanny paddle and super powerful spank hands of his. He possesses Angel’s buttocks, attracting the boy’s buttocks into the sexed up junction of pure pain that is pleasant. Rivera’s rump is uncooked and Jeff understands the sensual lesson was learned. Sterne eventually lets up and enables his son to shoot another well made toke. He then requests his houseboy to match him at the kitchen to find those actions done. We promise Rivera will not soon forget his duties, OR be in a position to sit down for a week!

Angel Rivera , Jeff Sterne

scrin_Cannabis Consequences  Angel Rivera & Jeff Sterne


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