Clips: Big Guns – Marcos Oliveira & Apolo Fire at KristenBjorn!

Big Guns - Marcos Oliveira & Apolo Fire
Apollo Fire has been coaching Marcos Oliveira at the fitness center and also the sexual tension between both has been climbing, now they match it head on. Marcos yields to Apollos’s apartment with him because the men start to strip the high level of their kissing assembles along with the cocks are now freed. Apollo is amazed by Marcos’ extended cylindric cock and takes it in to his mouth also works his way up and down the long shaft. As Marcos appears down at his sexy, muscular trainer suck on his penis his enthusiasm suffers 70 into 1000percent in a minute. His balls have attracted tight and so are prepared for action. Marcos realizes he can not keep edging so switches and long up places using Apollo, moreover he’s fantasized about that moment each time they match up at the fitness center. Doing everything he possibly can to choke down Apollo’s metal pole, Marcos’ pushes himself beyond his borders to discover a new degree of enjoyment. Apollo sees aroused Marcos moves and is from behind and starts hammering his smooth buttocks with his prick. Wasting no time, then Apollo slams his cock deep in to Marcos’ buttocks and starts fucking him hard. Apollo proceeds using all his onslaught of hard ass pounding as Marcos begs to allow him to go deeper and harder. Subsequently Marcos’ wildest dream has come true because Apollo provides his bum up because of his enjoyment. Imagine that sexy trainer that’s been educating me and breaking my bum at that the fitness center is currently spread open before me waiting for my penis to fuck him. Marcos delves directly in and starts fucking Apollo. Apollo senses this can be Marcos’ dream and would like to provide all he could for him switches it up and melts Marcos’ pretending cock. Within this situation Marcos can fuck Apollo only how he likes it along with his fucking has pushed Apollo into the border as his penis starts to erupt along with his creamy load of cum which flows on Marcos’ thigh. With Apollo inside this place, Marcos is not able to pull out his cock in time to allow us to view his very first flood of cum as he can pull out we watch his cum soaked cock. The man at the fitness center using these Big Guns is just as alluring as you can, he only wants one to say hello!

Marcos Oliveira , Apolo Fire

scrin_Big Guns - Marcos Oliveira & Apolo Fire



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