Clips: Alex Arbor, Clay, Jonas Paige & Will Hahn – Training The J.V. Team at RaunchyBastards!

Alex Arbor, Clay, Jonas Paige & Will Hahn - Training The J.V. Team
A couple of weeks back I had a couple bastards down for the identical weekend. It was rather enjoyable. I had a blast. The men did, also. I took them into the shore and we had a barbecue outside. It is a fantastic time of year to get this in Florida. However, what was more entertaining, particularly for newcomer Will, was that which occurred in the living room after that evening. Will is still among the greatest cocksuckers I have met, and others concurred. So, all of us thought it’d be interesting to own Will suck off us. All things considered, these men are young and sexy, and, well, I am just always sexy. This is a particularly entertaining night for mepersonally, also, since I eventually talked Alex into sucking on cock for the very first time. He is my favourite, and that I had been excited to see just how he’d do. Nevertheless, the actual star of this series was Will. Will took turns suck off us and all of us took turns carrying the camera, also. Every couple of moments Alex would decrease to either me Jonas. He is unquestionably a newb at polishing a cock with his mouthbut that I see possible. Will, on the other hand, is an expansive master as worshiping dick along with his teenaged mouth. It is almost shocking. The sole buzz kill of this night was Jonas was glued into the pill watching pornography, because I’d told him he would. He professed he may not be in a position to acquire difficult differently. Well, I truly believe, according to my experience with men like himis that he had been with the pretense of seeing straight porn for a security blankets of types. “If I am seeing porn while I am getting my dick sucked by a dude, which does not make me homosexual.” While this may work for many individuals, because Jonas has fucked, been fucked, been creampied, sucked dick like a professional and has told me he enjoys dudes sexually, even I believed it’s a bit . But, hey, to each his own. That is simple fact, and I am not gonna pretend it for Jonas.

Alex Arbor, Clay, Jonas Paige , Will Hahn

scrin_Alex Arbor, Clay, Jonas Paige & Will Hahn - Training The J.V. Team



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