Alex Mason & Ray Diesel (BlacksOnBoys) big dick, black, muscle

Alex Mason can be really a pervert. He loves pornography, along with also his girl friend hates he watches . She believes she needs to “be enough” because of him. He loves porn, there is times he will go into a adult book shop and rent a stall simply to jerk in quiet and peace also in order to avoid his girl friend’s bitching. But what occurs when the dude from another booth over needs a JO Buddy? Or, possibly a BJ? Sure, the Alex is right. . .but through time, his love of pornography has jaded him and Alex is currently a “dirty boy” filled up with improper thoughts. He is interested about exactly what a thick, thick black penis may taste like. . .or how it’d feel deep within his bum. Provided that this really is behaviours he is not being home to his girl friend, Alex isn’t homosexual. Let us call it “experimentation”.

Alex Mason , Ray Diesel



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